Make Lots of Work to get Better Results

I saw a link to this video over on Polymer Clay Daily and I just had to share it here too.  I love Ira Glass and the radio program he does…it’s part of my inspiration in my work…creative story telling and unique people.

But anyway, even though he’s talking about the art of storytelling, what he is saying applies to any creative process and it’s encouraging.  Check it out.

2 thoughts on “Make Lots of Work to get Better Results

  1. Thanks for sharing this Lori!

    I agree with what he is saying. You need to put the time in to develop your art. It is sad when people quit doing something just before they got good at it.

    The gurus in any medium are gurus because they kept working at improving their skills and their ideas. Not because they bought all the right supplies and tried using them a few times!

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