Lori Greenberg Lampwork on NBC’s Midday Arizona

I finally received my copy of the guest spot promoting the Interweave BeadExpo on NBC’s Arizona Midday last month. Check it out:

(Let me know if you can’t see it…I’m using a new way to embed video.  thanks!)

8 thoughts on “Lori Greenberg Lampwork on NBC’s Midday Arizona

  1. Laurie,

    This was a wonderful spot. You looked very relaxed and natural on TV. I’ve tried video a couple of times and know it isn’t that easy.

  2. Thanks!

    They have magic lenses. See how perfect the hosts look and how pale I look? I think they had about three more layers of makeup on than I did and in front of the camera…woosh! It all just smoothed out beautifully for them.

    Same with my shaking hands. I was shaking like a leaf but I think their magic smoothing lense buffed that right out.

    Looking at it on the screen it sure does look different than it felt doing it!

  3. Fantabulous!

    Good quick descriptions, not too many details, excellent that you got the “annealing” in there!

    A credit to all lampworkers!


  4. Hey Lori-
    Congratulations to you too!
    One by one we beadmakers are making our mark on the world!

  5. Great job Lori! What a beautiful showcase of your beads and I loved the shots of your studio. That is a major wall of glass.

  6. Thanks everyone! They send you the questions ahead of time and I can’t tell you how much I prepared for them. Then they didn’t ask them. And then I had to laugh because I was preparing like I was going to be on 60 Minutes or something. What a dork.

    And yes, wall of glass! I’ve had to put myself on a glass diet, although I just ordered some more from Bullseye today.

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