What My Web Site Does for Me…

…absolutely nothing.  I do everything for it.  Them.

Seriously…a web site can be a great place to sell your stuff but you need to keep it up to date current, fresh and you have to promote it.  Everywhere.  All the time.  Without me, my web site is nothing and serves no purpose.
Now, my blogs, on the other hand, do me wonders.  I sit in the studio all day and think think think.  Day dreaming the day away.  No one to talk too.  Did you know that women have something like 8,000 words a day that they need to use up? How the heck would I get them all out without having contact with people during the day?

My blogs.

They keep me sane.  They provide a place for me to spout off and share information.  In a sad kind of way, they’re my best listeners.  They don’t talk back.  Too much.

So, how many do I write?  Six.

This was today’s topic at Flaming Hot.

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