Tucson 2008 Show Thoughts – Part 3

Ahhh. Part three. Time to get down and dirty with the honest truth about my part in my success (or lack of) at the Best Bead Show in Tucson this year. Here I go…

When you’re having a slow show (and all of them will have down time) you have time to think about what you can do better for the next one. Whether it be display, advertising, type of inventory, location, or a different venue, there is always something you can do better to be more on top of your game and to reach people.

One thing I did differently this year, from last year, is that I didn’t advertise myself as well. I had my regular ads in the bead magazines but I didn’t promote myself through my newsletter, on my web site, or on my blogs as much. I just didn’t have the time and energy. That is what happens when you’ve been successful in your efforts in the past and your business starts taking off. But that’s a whole other post for a whole other time. Remind me.

The Best Bead Show does great advertising. They have full page ads everywhere you look leading up to the show. My one complaint would be that the ad is dated and I feel it could be more effective with better pictures that represent better what the show is about, better color and in a more simplistic design with less words. But that’s just me.

Back to me. I fell down on the advertising ball.  I also didn’t focus as much on my inventory.  I had plenty of inventory but I don’t feel like I had killer designs.  While I like what I’ve been working on, there is a little more tweaking to be done before they have that quality that screams at people to pick them up.  I wasn’t as cohesive in my line of beads.

Those are the two main areas where I feel that I could have done better.  I will continue to mull this over and share with you other observations that I have regarding the outcome of the show for me this year.

What about you?  What could you have done differently?  It’s good to be honest with ourselves because that is how we get better.  We can say it’s the economy but if we’re not doing our full best (and we know it) we have to take responsibility too.  Whew.  I’m getting preachy here, but I’m in the front pew taking it too!

What about you as a show visitor or buyer?  What turns you on?  What turns you off?  What says “professionalism” and makes you feel secure in buying from someone?

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1 thought on “Tucson 2008 Show Thoughts – Part 3

  1. I feel like shows are getting less and less lucrative in the bead world (maybe I’m wrong). We used to go to so many shows and traveled so much, and ALWAYS showed at the local gem faire. But as time has passed the shows get slower and slower and we do less and less business. While our store and our website increase in sales, the shows end up as a loss. Now we’ve stopped showing at gem faires entirely, and operate exclusively out of our store and website, and that seems to work for us.

    You have a great blog, I wish you the best in your success.

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