wwii: Wednesday What is it No. 2?

Linda! You won the first Wednesday What is it? contest! Email me your address and your winning bead will be in the mail lickety split.

The answer was: An attempt at a hollow bead that burned through the mandrel. It is what happened while working with a newer, bigger, torch and not being used to it. At least it didn’t fall into my lap.

Tglass elusive lentil bead lori greenberghat was a little biased towards glass bead makers so this week I have an image that is fair game. It has nothing to do with bead making. Remember, the more specific the answer, the better your chances are to win.

Here is this week’s prize:

That’s right. I’m offering up this bead from my Elusive series, valued at $40. You might not want to tell your friends about the contest because that would lower your odds of winning. But I sure would appreciate you passing the word around.

This bead is 36 mm wide and you won’t believe how cool it is until you see it in your little hand.

So anyway, without further hesitation, here is this weeks image…what the heck is it? Winners announced next Wednesday, Jan 9th, so get your comment in before then. (I’m on Arizona time).

wednesday what is it contest picture

You know the rules. Leave a comment with your guess. If you’re new, here they are again:

1. I post a picture.

2. You comment on what you think it is. One comment per person.

3. First comment to get it wins the prize.

4. If no one is getting it, be sure to follow the comments…I may give hints.

5. Come back on the date I say I will announce the winner so you can claim your prize.

6. Email submissions not accepted. Sorry. This is all about the blog, guys. Er…Gals.


41 thoughts on “wwii: Wednesday What is it No. 2?

  1. It looks like a webcam picture at night. I was trying to see the fireworks display from Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve and that’s what one of them looked like.

    Awesome bead by the way!

  2. I think it’s a snow globe…with maybe some kind of tacky scene in it…maybe of new york or something? Someone once gave me a snow globe with a New York skyline in it. It came from Las Vegas. The irony was not lost on me.

    ps. Lori: what is meant “post a picture”? Contrary to what everyone may think, I do try to follow instructions. I just don’t understand them most of the time.

  3. Ahahahahaha! You are posting a picture! I missed the “I” there and thought it was something I should be doing. I get it now. Nevermind.

    You should have seen me try to follow the instructions for puting together our kitchen cabinets.

  4. It’s a sea of bubbles rising to the top of the ocean from a beautiful fish at the bottom.

  5. I think it’s the glitter/snow that they put on glass ornaments as decoration for Christmas! 🙂

  6. The Milky Way. Constellation, not the candy bar. Was going to say starry night, but it was taken.

  7. I think it’s that flat foam wrap you can pack stuff in.Not bubble wrap the other stuff.

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