wwii: Wednesday What is It?

It’s a new series where you can win stuff: Wednesday What is it?

It will happen on, you guessed it: Wednesdays. Right now I’m not sure I’m up for every Wednesday or not but we’ll see how many I can come up with to keep it exciting. You might want to subscribe to this blog so you don’t miss one.

wwii lori greenberg contest prizeBut anyway, here’s the idea:

1. I post a picture.

2. You comment on what you think it is. One comment per person.

3. First comment to get it wins the prize.

4. If no one is getting it, be sure to follow the comments…I may give hints.

5. Come back on the date I say I will announce the winner so you can claim your prize.

6. Email submissions not accepted. Sorry. This is all about the blog, guys. Er…Gals.

So, let’s get on to it. That green bead up there is the prize for this week. Prizes will not always be beads. This week is aimed at glassworkers because I’m guessing that is who reads this blog. We’ll see what my poll says as time goes on. Today’s should be easy to start out because I’m giving you the whole picture. Somedays I might only give a cropped snapshot.

But anyway, here is the mystery picture:

wwii lori greenberg contest

Ready. Set. Go!

The studio is closed for the holidays but the winner will be announced and prize mailed on January 2, 2008.


8 thoughts on “wwii: Wednesday What is It?

  1. I’d say it looks like you burnt through a mandrel while making a hollow bead.

    That or it’s a beadmakers sextant…

  2. An experiment that went over the edge…

    really pretty yellow glass, all dressed up with nowhere to go…

    a test on the strength of your mandrel release…

  3. Wow!!!

    I’ve tried my hand at lampwork bead making so know what goes in to them – just love your bead ‘on offer’ here! But …. no idea what it is … ! (More like flat eggs to me, fused on a mandrel!)

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  5. angel wings. I am guessing angel wings to be used as a part in a two strand spacer on a necklace

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