The Witching Hour…the Psychology of eBay.

Well, it’s past Halloween but who doesn’t love this title any time of year?  It’s the title of one of my all-time favorite books by Anne Rice too.  But that’s all beside the point.  This week’s (last week?) topic over at Flaming Hot is how/when do you post your auctions.  That’s an easy one.

I don’t.

However, when I was posting auctions I found the psychology of it all fascinating.  At least, what I perceived as the psychology of it.  It seems that when you start to sell on eBay, before you get in a groove (if you ever do) and you’re selling right along, you will go through a phase of trying to figure it out.

How does it work?  What time to post is best?  Are elaborate descriptions beneficial?  How many pictures to put into a post?  How the heck should I start my pricing and should I put a Buy-It-Now?  The permutations are endless.

And my conclusion?  It just doesn’t matter.  Especially in these days of glut and saturation on eBay.  It takes a lot more than an auction closing time for success.  But that’s just my opinion and only because I never really got heavily into the auction thing deep enough to find a trend.

Now I’m going to read what Kaye Husko says because she is the eBay queen.  And I’m prepared to be schooled.  C’mon over if you want the real scoop on what matters when selling on eBay.

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