A good pair of gloves and a hoe…

Can I just say, dirt is heavy.  Dang.  I spent all day Saturday, well, not all day, but a good 6 hours digging in the dirt and planting 5 new rose bushes.  It’s Arizona, and while it was cold by our standards it was still about 50 degrees and it felt good.  (See picture of subsequent snow below).

I usually ask my husband to dig the holes but this time I was on my own.  And I had five to dig.  Greer had fun ‘helping’ as much as she could.  It was interesting to me that playing in the dirt and being out there all alone got me into the same head space as working at the torch.  I’ve always loved growing things but haven’t always been very good at it.  I’ve repotted the weekend project plants and planted a few other things but that was the extent of it.  As you might remember, I’ve been on a rose kick for the last year or so and it doesn’t seem like it’s going away.  I just love being able to cut fresh flowers and bring them into the house.  Greer and I ‘check the roses’ daily and that makes us both smile.

double edged garden hoeAnyway, Saturday while rooting around I felt on top of the world.  Like there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do with a good pair of gardening gloves and a hoe.  Whoever invented the hoe is a genius.  Especially this double-edged hoe.  I just never knew.  I think I could have planted a whole garden with just that hoe.  It broke up the really hard dirt as well as being a wonderful pusher-around-er.  I haven’t been this excited about a tool in a long time.  And it doesn’t even have a cord.

How is it that I grew up in the midwest and haven’t gardened sooner?  If I would have been turned on to this a long time ago I probably would have never moved away because ‘gardening’ or planting of anything in Arizona is not an easy feat.  I spent half of the time CHOPPING through caliche with a hand pick to run the drip system.  Let’s just say that my 40 year old body rebelled against me later that night and I felt like I was once again 9 months pregnant.  You know how when you can’t sit up using just your stomach muscles anymore because they’ve been stretched to their limit?  That’s what my muscles were doing to me.

But, I survived.  I knew that was the only day it wasn’t going to be rainy so I had to jump on it.  Yes, it’s rose-planting season here…in the middle of everyone else’s winter.  And as I struggled against the setting sun to get my ‘poultry fencing’ and decorative barrier up, I realized that now the battle of the bunnies starts.  I’m hoping my rigged up fencing will hold strong.  The thing I thought I had averted by waiting until this late was the chance of a freeze.  While it didn’t get to 32 degrees last night (they forecasted 39 degrees) there was ice on the car this morning.  In Arizona.  Bleh.  I hope the roses can take it.  Here’s a picture of what it looked like last night…if you look closely you will see the snow coming down.  This hasn’t happened since the last el Nino.  If this one is anything like the last one, I’m hoping for a very wet spring/summer.  We actually grew grass the last time that happened.

snow in scottsdale

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