Messy desk – a Studio Series of a sort

Remember how I said that I was going to clean my studio for the studio tour but leave my actual torch workspace messy so that it seemed more ‘artsy’?  Something to that effect.  It was born out of the experience of visiting other studios on ‘special’ days and them being clean almost to the point of being sterile and just thinking, ‘how do they do that???’  That is, how do they keep it so clean.  The answer?  They don’t.  Ok, maybe some do but it just felt really weird.  But then again, seeing a regular house, let alone a studio like that feels weird to me.  Not that I don’t dream of my own house being so spotless all the time but I think I’d develop some type of emotional disorder if I had that kind of pressure on me.  I can barely keep up with Greer peeling all of her crayons ‘naked’ in various rooms of the house and leaving their ‘clothes’ behind in trails.

Anyway, that little rambling aside, I still haven’t cleaned my torch area (despite it being scheduled into my weekly tasks) and this is what it has come to on the right side of my torch:

Messy desk picture

In an organized fashion I’ve highlighted some things I’d like to point out for the sake of keeping a full blog.

A.  See that little plastic container to the right of the A?  Well, that black mark is from setting a hot rod next to it.  More than once.  I’ve started little smoldering plastic fires…but for some reason there were no flames.  And I bet it smelled real good (read in the tone of the SNL skit, ‘that blowed up reeeel good’) but my ventilation didn’t let it get to me.  I really should get something made of glass for that.  It holds my shorts of raku and encased orange stringers because those babies are like gold to me.

B.  All around the B you can see remnants of snipped rod ends and ends that flew off in the flame as well as frit and enamels that have spilled (see C below).  Every once in a while I take my razor shaping tool and squeegie them away into a pile.

C.  Those are marvers on top of an elevated marver platform.  It makes it easier to pick them up and apply enamels that way or to just roll right into it.  Why am I showing that? Well, imagine a little too much caffeine and me working furiously to produce gorgeous inventory for Tucson.  Then imagine one little bump to the handle of the precariously balanced marver.  BAM!  Enamels or frit everywhere.  Well, not everywhere but not on the marver anymore and somewhere on the work surface.  So that adds to B above.  Did I mention that I spilled my blue blend of enamel three times in one day?

D.  D is just a pile of thick, encased stringers.  I don’t usually pull that many at a time but I had just finished my spring line of beads and they ended up calling for lots of bright encased stringers.  I’ll show you the start of the line tomorrow but they’re similar to these beads.  Remember them? 

I’ve gained a new inspiration after someone ordered some of the most recent bright beads and told me they weren’t particularly excited about my last series (the stitched beads).  Thank you very much.  Believe it or not, I do have a fragile artist ego but I think a lot of us do.  My motto for the new year is ‘What I don’t know doesn’t hurt me,’ and I should probably also modify it to say, ‘What I don’t know about you doesn’t hurt me’ too.  It’s been working pretty well as I haven’t been going to the forums or places on forums where people have the potential to slam each other.  I’m better off not knowing about it.

Anyway…off to write tomorrow’s post to show you the new beads.  Have a great weekend, regardless of what your weather is doing…and just say no to negative people.

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