Trying new ideas. How new is new to you?

I am working on something to enter into the ISGB Gathering exhibit in July 2013 called Awakening the Vision – Creative Discoveries. The guidelines: “Artists are asked to challenge themselves to rediscover their vision, play with new techniques, and explore unique ideas outside of their normal creative circle.”

This is an interesting thing for me because I know if I would sit down to make something totally new and different (without lots of time to let it percolate, like, say, years?) it would not be something that would be chosen for a show, that’s for sure.

glass micro mosaic componentsPart of my ‘new’ challenge. Individual components for a ‘new’ type of piece using the micro-mosaic technique. These are the start of eyeballs.

It also brings up thoughts about those criteria…while trying something new is an awesome thing to encourage…how different from an old style should it be? It gives an example of trying a new color. But, is that really stretching it? Is that really challenging yourself? That answer is rhetorical and a personal one. Maybe using that silver glass that has been sitting on your shelf IS a challenge to you because you’re intimidated by the price and you can’t bring yourself to possibly waste it. In that regard, that challenge could be way greater than trying a whole new, foreign technique.

Using red lines instead of blue on a bead design I already make all the time isn’t really a challenge…it’s more of a detour to see what happens. Things like that can be worked out in a quick sample before committing to something complete. So I ask myself, am I changing the color to get into the exhibit or am I really taking the challenge and trying something new for me?

glass eyeballs for micro mosaic

Eyeballs, liberated from the rod and ground flat on the back.

Take what I’ve been doing lately…micro mosaics. I’ve been doing them for about a year. In that time I have had to take breaks from it due to show inventory because my micro mosaic work wasn’t a fit for those shows. So, time put into the mosaics is probably more like 6 months. Is that still considered new or do I need to push something in out of that envelope to be considered new now? Are my color discoveries and technique tweaks along the way new? To me, yes but not new enough to be considered a challenge. It’s just part of the process of creating. Trying new things just to see.

glass micro mosaic pendant components

Here you see the starts of something “new”. The dilemma I face is that word. New. I have had ideas that will make up this piece for years. Desires to create something using the techniques, convey the feel I want. So, in my head, it’s not new. Coming to fruition, is the new part.

While this is all a stream of consciousness I know that what I am doing is ‘new enough’. It’s not something you see everyday. It will be new to a lot of the people who see it. The others being you, my readers, who follow my process. I really don’t concern myself with all of the above however, the thoughts go through my head because I can’t help it. Anything I fret or worry about wouldn’t be on my blog…that’s just way to personal and revealing. Something to think about though… and maybe to stimulate thought elsewhere too.

So, are you trying something totally new for this exhibit entry?


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  1. I’m thinking on it. The new work I’ve been doing has mixed medium (glass and resin) so I’m not sure it would qualify. I have been playing with very different colour combo’s (bright primaries) so that may be something I can submit. I can’t wait to see where this goes for you.

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