Not happy. Not happy at all.


I was really liking the most recent micro mosaic. I put it out on Facebook and said that I just needed to decide on the background and then I could get it finished. Teal was suggested as a background and that was the perfect complement. So I went with teal. And it was gorgeous with the new teal cane I pulled.  Really. Until I took it out of the kiln.

I chose the teal from one of my tested color chips but modified it. I didn’t do a color sample because it was so close to the other…yet, as I found, so different.


Before it went into the kiln it was a bright, vibrant teal. It came out with gray tones from the m-effin’ thin layer of copper green glass I put in there. I did the usual chemical treatment to remove the haze but it didn’t work. I also used a uranium yellow for a softer effect than the usual white that I use and that sucks too. GRRRRR. And the idea I had for the hair didn’t work as I wanted it to either. Blech.

That’s what I get for not testing, trying to deviate from what I know works, and trying to be all miss fancy pants. Time to reel it back in and make one that I know works, with tested colors and then back to some experimentation.

I would not be as upset if it weren’t for the fact that I’m trying to build inventory and have a 10 day vacation coming up where I’ll be out of the studio. That is why this whole show thing isn’t working for me. I don’t know how people make art and hit deadlines at all. I need days of experimenting and testing colors before I can make a piece. I can’t just whip them together.  ::sigh::

Wah wah wah. Somebody call a wah-mbulance.

On a plus note…I’m excited about the next one to work on.

10 thoughts on “Not happy. Not happy at all.

  1. Well you can fuss all you like, but I really like the colors the way they turned out. Perhaps the background being not as bright, brings out the eyes even more as the focal point. I vote “well done”!

  2. What the dickens are you talking about????? This piece is absolutely amazing. Remember what YOU think is not ‘good’ may be awesome to somebody else. This piece ROCKS! and I mean it. Lori, don’t sell yourself short – I’m stoked by just lookin’ at it.

  3. I have to agree with the others – I REALLY like how this looks! Although I totally understand how you feel if you were expecting something else. This guy has such emotion when I look at him, amazing!

  4. I really like the piece! I know it can be disappointing when you have something else in mind, but it’s very cool. I like the softness of the background. A happy accident? Most of my work is like that. It will probably be the first piece sold!

  5. First of all, I LOVE the piece. Maybe it didn’t come out as you wanted, but it’s still lovely!

    Second, The whole testing and re-doing is something I do ALL the time and kick myself for because I imagine others do it perfectly no matter what! It’s nice to know someone I look up to struggles with the same!

  6. Ha ha ha Lara. No, the teal is an excellent complement! It looked GORGEOUS before it went into the kiln. I should have photographed it. It is weird how the colors change in my little kiln but the same colors,when used in a bead, it doesn’t happen during annealing. Very very strange! I still have some ideas and the more I let it sit,t he more I start to like it for what it is.

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