I am the Master…

I want to blog. I really really want to blog. I have so many great ideas of things to blog about when I’m not in front of the computer then, when I get the time to sit uninterrupted to write they either don’t seem as great or they’re on a list out in the studio and I don’t feel like going to get it. As my mom would probably say, “If it’s that important to you, then you would do it.”

So, I’m re-examining…is it really important to me? Do I really really want to do it? I think I do. But I have other things I want to do first and then, when those things get done, I don’t have time.

Y’all know how it goes, right?

4 thoughts on “I am the Master…

  1. i’m right there with you! after almost a year off, i do miss it and i’ve decided to blog again whenever i can. once a week? twice a month? whenever possible. it’s a good way to communicate with customers, fans, friends, keeps people up to date what’s going on, and i really DO like writing and blogging, too! i love reading your blog posts Lori, don’t go totally awol on us! 🙂

  2. I’m not going anywhere! I’m trying to decide if I want to commit to being more regular about it. Thanks Karolen…good to hear from you!

  3. Blogging is interesting for me. I love reading what you have to say; is it voyeuristic? I don’t know about that but it does give me a little insight into the thoughts of other artists and how they (you) work through your creative process and have a life that includes a family and eating a vegan diet. I certainly struggle with that, too, blogging and the creative proces and keeping my food process interesting. Frankly, I’m not sure that what I think is important to say would be important to others. You expose your inner self a bit, if I understand what blogging is about. And then there are others that use blogging to bring attention to other websites and pictures floating around the Internet. I enjoy your style; it’s short and sweet but gives us a peek into your process and struggles. I appreciate that about you but can’t seem to get myself in the posting mode!

  4. Thanks Kathy. And…there is so much more that I WANT to say/reveal but always fear what others will think. Nothing deep and dark but, I do censor myself out of fear of offending someone or alienating someone. I’m at the point in my life though where I’m starting to say “ef it!” take me or leave me. I come from a background of working for lawyers though and am conditioned to not put things in writing that I don’t want repeated or on my permanent record. :o)

    Thanks for the encouragement…I cannot quit…that has never entered my mind. I actually want to do it more and could if I would just sit down and do it rather than letting that censor overwhelm me and turn me off. I’m working on it though. I write constantly. Every night I scribble out pages in journals just because it feels good. Hmmmmm.

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