Music for Katrina…

Lavender Hugged CrunchI’m back and refreshed and running to the torch…just wait until after next week when I have a week at the beach. At the end of last week I made “comfort beads.” Those designs that just make me feel really relaxed and secure…just like a good meat loaf and mashed potatoes. Here’s one of them…my bear hugs. They’re really not the most simple or quick bead to make but something about them is mesmerizing to me. Even more hypnotizing when you look at a big long set of them…they just seem to flow together as if you’re looking at a winding snake. I have a few things to make for orders before next week but I think I might continue in this line, with different colors since I’m enjoying it so much. Luckily, two of those orders are also bear hugs! I get the same feeling when doing the riveted beads.

But anyway, this past weekend was my women’s retreat for church and it was a lot of fun. There are so many contemporary churches popping up these days and some of them are what I would call a ‘niche’ church. That is, they have specific purposes or focuses. Everyone that comes to our church comments at the amount of musical and creative talent that we have. It really is incredible. We have everything from dancers, musicians, painters, graphic design people, video people, to I think even a glass artist…hee hee.  Not that they do everything during the services but what a neat thing to get together in groups and feel like ‘home’. My husband is one of the very talented musicians and he’s been trying to get some type of concert or service together for the Katrina people that have arrived and are staying at our Veteran’s Memorial Colliseum in Phoenix until homes can be found for them. I mean, people are really banding together to give money, necessary supplies, housing and other essentials but I don’t think many people are thinking about some um, I don’t want to call it comic relief or entertainment, but something that isn’t ESSENTIAL….something for pleasure, that’s it! Isn’t that a cool idea? I hope it can materialize…he’s had a heck of a time finding someone that will listen and take him up on it. Red Cross, Mayor, Governor, etc. don’t seem to know how to take it or help him get to the people he needs in order to organize it. I told him they should just go show up with their acousitc instruments and when they hear how good they are they’ll approach him and get it set up.

Anyway….off to the torch.