Getting ready for micro-mosaic experiments

That is where I have been. Even though I should be preparing for my studio tour. But, what’s new?

Would you believe that this picture was taken with my new iPhone on a tripod?  No special lighting set up, in fact, three different types of light were competing here.  (tungsten, halogen and darling). Not bad.

4 thoughts on “Getting ready for micro-mosaic experiments

  1. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing the link to the tripod holder. We have a professional photographer friend who says that the iPhone camera is just as good as most of the digital cameras (not counting the digital SLRs, of course).

    I adore my iPhone. My husband calls it “my other husband.” Actually, I adore and lust after any and every Apple product that begins with ‘i’ or has the word Mac in it.

    Great photo and the tripod is a fantastic idea. I wonder what else the iPhone can be used for?

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