It’s all coming back to me…

Did you know that I was a polymer clay bead artist in a past life?  Yep. I get confused as to how long I’ve been doing this glass thing…I just went and dug up when my first glass beads were made and it was 12/7/02 so, it will be 9 years in a couple months. So that means that I haven’t worked with polymer for 9 years. This is one style that I used to like to do:

lg130808a4One of the things I loved about polymer clay was the ease in which colors gradate from one to the other. Not so simple in glass. Of course, I like the feel of pressing and shaping it as well and how you don’t have to fight time like with molten glass. But anyway…9 years. I have missed it off and on during that time but not enough to get some and make something.  While I was making glass beads I’ve often tried to get an effect of micro-mosaic, with molten glass.  Not so easy. I don’t know why but I’ve been itching to do something micro and the only thing I could think of were these beads that I used to make. So, last week I placed an order.

And it arrived today. Back then, Kato polyclay didn’t even exist. I’m not sure why I bought that brand other than thinking that it must have the most current characteristics that are desirable. For what I want to do I don’t think it really matters. You can see in the background some of my test swatches of old polymer clay in the style I like. I have them on my computer monitor because they make me feel good to look at.

You know how I have been known to go a little crazy with color studies in glass? Well, I used to do the same thing with polymer by methodically mixing and saving color chips.

I just found these old photos.  Did I ever go back and use the info? Nope. I think I donated my binders to the local pc guild.

But anyway…I’m happy to have new clay in my possession and can’t wait to come up with a design of something to micro mosaic! I’m thinking wall tile or something like that. We’ll see.


5 thoughts on “It’s all coming back to me…

  1. Polymer clay is challenging to me to say the least! I’ll be anxious to see your new designs. I’m still in the baby steps phase of poly clay!

  2. Lori, you are something else! I love your colorful personality!!! The only 2 other mediums you need to get yourself involved with professionally are paint and fabric. Are you sure you don’t have a degree in Interior Design? ha! Ha!

    Lori, I did polymer clay over 5 yrs ago and loved it…but the pasta machine did not love me. I developed constant rt shoulder pain so I had to quit. I do still have some necklace designs I created with clay. I made many Chritmas funky and funny necklaces with hanging cats of all shapes and colors, doggies and even a big bright multi-colored Parrot and a great red crab. I have pics of some pieces I sold when I participated in Arts/Crafts shows. One day, maybe, I’ll do a blog and post them. Too much going on now, remember, my 3rd degree burns. I did buy the Tea Tree Oil at The Body Shoppe. I apply it 2x/day on the burns. Let’s see how they heal over the next few days. Love u, “girl.” Stay well and always be happy! Neomi

  3. Interestingly enough, my undergrad art degree was in textile design. LOVE anything to do with fiber or worked like fiber. Would give anything to be able to paint and when it comes to interior design, I am truly challenged. :o(

    I always used a pasta machine and earplugs.

  4. Interior Design, you challenged? No, no, that cannot be! Someday you’ll dwiddle with that too and I know with certainty you will be great!!! Yes! You will, Lori!
    Stay well and have fun with your colorful goodies!

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