My Take on the Zoozii Crystal Shaped Beads.

If I ever write another book, remind me to give myself at least a year to work on it in a more evenly paced time frame. Remember over a month ago when I was so excited that the text portion was finished? Ha! I asked the layout person to find me more pages if she could. And she did. So I wrote more.

I still have one more page to write and the rest of the time has been spent making beads to photograph. I’m gonna have some killer beads to sell but today I was most excited about the necklace I’m going to make with the cover beads! Won’t that be a cool thing to have on at a book signing?

CrystalsI saw Dawn Ceccacci’s beads from the Zoozii Crystal at the Michigan Cabin retreat last month and really liked the feel of them. I kept meaning to try the tool she brought all weekend to see if it was easy to use and I kept getting distracted and never did try it.

I was so hypnotized by her beads I can’t believe I never even asked her if she wanted to trade. Everyone was doing it…that’s why you bring beads. And I missed out. She can do some major justice to this shape and frit blends too.

Now, I have no idea what to do with a bead this shape but I do like how they look. I can see them in necklaces or earrings but not really in bracelets. But who am I to say? I’m a bead maker not a jewelry pro. The style is chunky funky long necklaces, isn’t it? So, maybe that will hold you over until I can get back to selling?