More Silver and Rings…

…I can’t stop.  Here are a few more and there are about six more that I haven’t photographed yet.  They are getting easier and hopefully better too.

Still practicing and haven’t settled on one style I like to work with yet.  I can’t wait for everyone to see them in person at the Gathering this month.

I’m finding that the more I do, the bolder I’m getting.  You should see some of the beads/cabs I’ve set into rings in the last couple days.  They take up a third of the width of my hand when on my finger.  I’ve never really had a show piece or a statement piece and now it seems as if they’re all becoming that style.  At least in my opinion.  Of course, I’ll show them when I have a free minute to take some more photos.

4 thoughts on “More Silver and Rings…

  1. O.M.G.!

    Lori, I absolutely LOVE the rings you’re creating! WOW. The big, bold ones with lots of colour are just amazing. Brava! I called everyone to the computer when I opened up your newsletter just now, and then looked at more on your site and here 🙂

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