Working Toward my Intention for 2009.

While I’m loving the glass rings, the adjustable bands need to be re-thought.  I like them for what they are (a lower price point item) but I want something that says GALLERY.  One thing I’ve learned is that, the more seriously you want to be taken, the more seriously you have to think and plan what you’re doing.

Libby L. wrote a post on Lampwork Etc about why her work was rejected by a jury.  Beautiful work but one important thing was that there were ‘mass produced’ components in the work like clasps and a couple charms.  The bottom line that I took away from that was…make everything yourself.  That has stuck with me and I’m working towards that goal.


I was motivated to finally hook up this little baby:

It’s a Smith Little Torch that runs on propane and an extra oxygen concentrator I have. Yay!  I didn’t have to buy new equipment and I can’t believe I had all the parts I needed to hook it up with quick connects to my plumbed gas line.  It all seemed too easy.

But what does that have to do with the rings I’ve been making?  I also ordered some tubing and thicker ring bands so I can make my own ring bases with prongs.  The ‘grown up kind’.  No offense there to you all using adjustable ones but I think those won’t fare as well when going to a gallery or jury.  Tell me if I’m wrong.

I find it strange that as this economy is tanking that I’m taking it up a notch.  I know it has to be a part of this whole intention for 2009 thing.  The only way I’m going to reach my goal is to think bigger and better.  It’s all falling into place.  More custom components, as opposed to buying them.  More craftsmanship instead of assembling pre-made pieces.  More thought and designing instead of stringing and simple solutions.

I’m excited about doing more silver work and hopefully the PMC component will kick in too.  One thing at a time!

2 thoughts on “Working Toward my Intention for 2009.

  1. Lori- First, yes, the mass produced thing is a turn off for many people. Personally I think are ok for things that are fairly inexpensive but for anything else they are not going to cut it.

    Second, reading this entry was like stepping back in time for me! It reminds me of myself about three years ago, when I was searching for something to do with beads other than string them…..I thought if I had to find another creative way to string a bead, I would hurl the beads across the room before I even had a chance to string them! I asked a friend give me a weekend crash course on silver smithing, bought a torch and supplies and life has never been the same! Now I only do one of a kind pieces and it is most satisfying! I was worried that no one would pay for all the time involved in the silver work of making components…..I was wrong!

    Third, some words of unasked for advice! As you begin your silver work, realize that it will be slow and tedious and you probably will not be able to charge for all the time you have in a piece, but rather what you should have in a piece (like, if you were not a beginner, it would take an hour, instead of the five hours it actually took you as a beginner). You will get faster…..and you will get better…..and your work will get better……and the prices you can command will get higher….and yes, there are many art jewelry collectors who will pay $450 for a ring (or maybe more – that is just the highest any of my rings sell for) and $2500 for a necklace and be happy to pay it……because the piece is worth it. Don’t give up!!! You can do it!!! –and if you need any help, advice, or how to’s let me know and I will help you any way I can! Good luck!!!!!

  2. Thanks Eleanore! I’ve long admired your beads and jewelry. Your comment has both encouraged and inspired me. I was content taking the slow route and being patient in my learning curves but now your comment makes me want it faster since you confirm that it’s do-able.

    I will take to heart your advice about working with silver. Glass came to me so naturally that I felt other things should too. I realize how lucky I was to take to the glass. I know that once I get through the learning curve silver will click too. I just have to jump in and devote the time to it.

    Thanks again! (and any advice is welcome any time!)

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