Glass Disk Rings Continue.

I’ve been busy and probably not focusing as well on the things that I should be, with my studio tour show starting this weekend. Remember I wrote about the rings I was making for the show? Here are a handful more that I’ve created:

I like the earthy tones but I think I got Kerry Bogert stuck in my head last week. And when that happens, you just gotta let her out. She’s relentless.

They’re then epoxied onto a base of a Burgard Studio sterling silver adjustable ring band. The disks are silver cored and it’s not necessary, but it’s in there.

Here are more, waiting to be made into rings:

And here’s one that would have been really cool. I used a Lauscha Tri-Colored rod and I’m wondering if the layers of glass weren’t compatible? I’ll have to look into that.

Check out part two tomorrow about how this has spurred me forward in many ways…

3 thoughts on “Glass Disk Rings Continue.

  1. LOL, Lori you are too funny! I am relentless huh? I should add that to my resume.

    I think these rings look really cool! I love how you use bright colors. It is totally different then the way I do. My favorites in the first shot are the end ones. I think the one on the left end might beat out the one on the right though… it is a close call.

    I hope these do well for you at the studio tour! I sold out of my rings last weekend 🙂 Rings are in the air.

  2. Hee hee. You didn’t know you were relentless in peoples subconscious? I would hope that I was too. You don’t even know it but you’re pushing me on to other things! Thanks for the inspirations by showing your work so freely!

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