Do you want to be me?

Finally!  Susan over at Flaming Hot Blog posed a new question.  I’ve missed you Susan!  Her question is:

What is so cool about you people are envious?  Why does that shock you?

First off, I don’t know if anyone is envious of me.  I think we all have something that others can envy because, like they say…the grass is always greener.

So I will go out on a limb here and talk about something that I would be envious of if I didn’t have it.  Something I am grateful for every single day and try not to be too attached to in the event that something ever happened and things changed.  There are a few of these things in my life.

First, is the fact that our family has not had to struggle financially in some time.  There was one year that we lived on credit cards because business was so slow but since that time we have been blessed with good business.

Second, comes from that, the fact that my husband supports our family and I am able to do my art at whatever pace I choose.  Being obsessed with my art, I work myself silly but I am grateful that if I need to do something family-related that I don’t have to stress about making money if I have to drop everything.

Third, the fact that my husband supports me in a way that is unimaginable to me.  Every idea I have, he thinks is the best and the most unique.  Every design I have, he thinks is awesome.  Everything I want to try, he supports.  And beyond that?  He pushes me even further to think big, do the best I can and to get the best there is when it comes to something I need for my art.

I hear of so many people in bad relationships, or struggling financially, or wanting to be able to stay home with their kids, or just do their art, etc.  When I look at my situation I almost feel guilty.

So that’s that.

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