Hidden in the Hills and New Work

Been running here there and everywhere but wanted to pop in and give you an update. New work coming out of the studio this week:

tentacle micro mosaic

Tentacles with juicy suckers. New obsession but you know how that goes. I deeply love the subject, process and outcome and then bam. Inspiration for something equally as lovable hits and I’m off to the next thing.

suckers up close


The close up is pretty cool too. I have under one week to figure out how I want to finish these and turn them into something to display or wear. Hidden the Hills Studio Tour starts next Friday! Come visit my studio, see me at work and where the magic happens. Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then again the following weekend. Click the link up there and find out more about the studio tour (165+ artists and about 45 studios).


simon bar sinister glass micro mosaic

Simon bar Sinister is fused and glorious. I’m very happy with how he turned out. I think he should be a pendant. I’d wear him proudly but will offer him up at Hidden in the Hills first. Come on by! For those of you new to the micro mosaics, the ones shown here are less than 2″ square. Simon is 1.5″! You will want to stop by if even to just marvel at the tiny components with which they’re built. Glass strings!

I’m excited about a new idea.

I did the Salvador Dali face (see the process at my new Lori Greenberg Glass Art page on Facebook) and it got me excited me on shadows and faces even though my shadow colors were too subtle to show; although once he’s fused that could change as the edges of the chips soften and collapse in. Now I’m working an image of Alex from Stanley Kubrick’s  A Clockwork Orange, also in progress on the facebook page.

Salvador Dali glass Micro Mosaic

On a recent trip to Santa Fe I came across an artist’s work in a gallery there and it has stuck with me. Veruska Vagen does grid pattern mosaics with tiny dots of glass, which process she calls dot de verre. According to her process, she uses fusing of manufactured glass dots that are no longer in production. The pieces I saw were reproductions of Master painters work. This got me to thinking about reproductions and what that means to me. Is it copying? I thought yes. What about translating photographs into other media? Still yes, in my mind. I have also always been inspired by Chuck Close’s amazing photo based mosaic-like paintings.

The more I thought about it, the more apparent it became to me that that doing ‘reproductions’ of images made some sense for me at this time. I cannot draw and I don’t want to take the time to learn. I thought about how apprentices to Master painters learned in the first place. They copied master works and through that they learned technique, color theory, lighting, etc.

I decided that reproductions will allow me the freedom to learn more about the micro mosaic process that I’m developing. While some may say that is ‘copying’ I see it as a huge accountable color study. With my own designs I have not had to match colors. Whatever I made in the first few tries was what I used. With the reproductions my aim is to match exactly the colors and gradation of colors in shadows and highlights and learn that intimately. Trust me, this will prove to be important in my work. You will see what I mean when I get closer to where I want to be with all of this and look back to my beginning work.

The process itself lends so much to variation and uncertainty that even a detailed reproduction will never be the same as the original image. But anyway, the new idea.

While still loving the faces, I am not thrilled about where the current Alex work is heading. I’m doing it in color, trying to achieve highlights and shadows within flesh tones with strange lighting. Blech. I feel that way most times as I look as what is emerging. Today though I came across an image of a Rose Window and the brilliance hit me. More thinking about reproduction work.

Churge of Gesu Rose Window

Churge of Gesu Rose Window

You know I love mandalas and what better mandalas to translate into the micro mosaics than Rose Windows? I love the effect of black outlining in the micro mosaics.

One of the obstacles I have to take into consideration when doing my pieces is how the light shines through, or doesn’t. The background shows through transparent colors and clear cores of the tiny murrini. This, many times, is what disappoints me about the finished product. So then I got the idea to create LED display stands. I’ve been wanting to move more towards displayed work rather than jewelry and beads. How cool would it be to have a lighted stand to give the effect of light coming through glass? The pieces do glow when held up to light.

So, there I am. As soon as Alex is done, off to Rose Windows I go.

If you want to see real-time photos of what is going on in the studio, please do like my  Lori Greenberg Glass Art page on Facebook. I am posting quick shots regularly there and you can see pieces through to completion, day by day.


New Work, Follow My Progress

I’ve been a busy bee behind the scenes and I’ve decided that since I can’t keep up with blogging to extent I want to I will at least snap some quick photos with my camera phone and keep you up to date on my facebook page. Not my personal facebook page, but my official Lori Greenberg Glass Art facebook page that I’ve had for a few years but haven’t used it. It’s dusted off and ready for you to follow. I finished (almost) the other side of the Dali piece and you can click on over to see the steps.

Lori Greenberg Glass micro mosaic
Did I show these guys? Yes, I’ve been squeezing in some studio time and trying to take some pictures along the way for the time that I can sit down and blog like I mean it. I do mean it. Really. There are many thoughts that pass through my brain during the day that make me think, “I really want to blog that. I have a lot to say on this subject.” And I really really do want to it. Unfortunately I am realizing that if I don’t do it that day, it passes. Even if I write it down, it doesn’t hold the same passion later as it did in the moment.

Lori Greenberg glass micro mosaicI feel kind of sad about that but I guess I’m grateful that I have passion come and go at all.

But anyway, these guys are cute and are waiting to be framed into pendants. I’m not hot on the electroforming path right now though. I’ve ruined a bunch of tshirts from chemical splashes and the last couple pieces proved challenging in getting the settings right. So many variables and it just seems like there is so much going on for me right now that I don’t have the time to sit down and troubleshoot. So, I’m kicking around new finishing method in my head until I feel ready to move on it.

Anyway…be sure to like or friend my official Lori Greenberg Glass Art Facebook page and add it to your newsfeed. I don’t know how that all works but, if you follow any pages regularly and you know how to do that, you might like the photo-rich experience I plan to provide as snapshots of my studio experience. I hope it will make up for my lack of meaningful blogging.