Quick update of recent work.

Quick update for those who read my blog and don’t follow me on Facebook (see everything there in real time if you’d like to keep up with me!)

Last you heard I was making those cool enamel pendants for Tucson inventory. I am happy to say that despite the show being very slow, the pendants did very well, as did the micro mosaic pendants. Yay! I have long since recovered from Tucson and have been a busy busy bee. A good busy where I’ve actually accomplished a lot.

I finished the Clockwork Orange mini mosaic that I started back in October.

Glass micro mosaic

 I just completed another one of Christopher Walken, shown here before and after fusing. The colors do change slightly and even though I like them before, the after is more of what I was aiming for…more subtle and less pink.

Christopher Walken glass micro mosaic

Then I got the wild hair again about making a cold built stringer murrini. I went to Home Depot, got my pipe, set to pulling stringer and am now working on building my signature cane or, at least part of it. I haven’t decided if I want to do the year as well to add to it at a later time.

cold built glass stringer murrini

I haven’t quite decided if I like this process yet. When I first started I thought oh h@ll no. But I also know that I need to give myself time to get into the groove and find all of the little shortcuts and tricks that make it easier. I already have some up my sleeve from doing the mosaics and I think it is transferring nicely.

Here is a size reference between the most recent portrait and the murrini assembly:

glass micro mosaic lori greenberg

So far, the portraits are holding my interest and I’m dying to get to my next one, Jack Nicholson, by popular vote. But I will also diligently work on the signature cane too.

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Hidden in the Hills and New Work

Been running here there and everywhere but wanted to pop in and give you an update. New work coming out of the studio this week:

tentacle micro mosaic

Tentacles with juicy suckers. New obsession but you know how that goes. I deeply love the subject, process and outcome and then bam. Inspiration for something equally as lovable hits and I’m off to the next thing.

suckers up close


The close up is pretty cool too. I have under one week to figure out how I want to finish these and turn them into something to display or wear. Hidden the Hills Studio Tour starts next Friday! Come visit my studio, see me at work and where the magic happens. Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then again the following weekend. Click the link up there and find out more about the studio tour (165+ artists and about 45 studios).


simon bar sinister glass micro mosaic

Simon bar Sinister is fused and glorious. I’m very happy with how he turned out. I think he should be a pendant. I’d wear him proudly but will offer him up at Hidden in the Hills first. Come on by! For those of you new to the micro mosaics, the ones shown here are less than 2″ square. Simon is 1.5″! You will want to stop by if even to just marvel at the tiny components with which they’re built. Glass strings!