Review and Contest: Arrowhead Tutorial and Waterfall Shards by Shari Slonski

Any tutorial that tells you in the introduction that it is going to give you a “secret recipe” should grab your attention.  In this Arrowhead eTutorial by Shari Slonski you will learn her super top-secret recipe for “Waterfall Shards.”  Read through this review to see what else there is and then enter for your chance to win a free copy of Shari’s eTutorial!

The first thing you will notice about Shari’s tutorial is that the pictures are beautiful, crisp and clear. You could create beautiful shards and the Arrowhead she teaches by just following the visual journey presented.  However, the words that accompany are just as clear and concise.  Very easy to understand.

Sixteen pages of easy-to-follow instructions are sure to guide you to making your own beautiful arrowheads as well as some pretty spectacular shards.

Shards.  Thin layers of glass that are created by blowing air into a bubble of glass, and then shattered into pieces.  Shari shows you her version of blowing shards that includes enamels!

Another unique technique that we don’t see too much of is working off the end of the mandrel. This achieves a pendant rather than a bead and opens up endless possibilities that might not be as accessible while making a bead with the hole all the way through.  I know it has inspired me to try working this way again!

If you love organic, earthy designs, you will be inspired by Shari’s Arrowhead and Waterfall Shard eTutorial.  You can feel her native roots coming out in these designs!

If you would like to win your own copy of this etutorial, just leave a comment below by Sunday, March 28 at midnight, AZ , USA time.  I will randomly choose a winner on Monday, march 29th.  Only one entry per person!  If you can’t wait that long, head over to Shari’s etsy store and pick up a copy there.  You will also see numerous other tutorials with other secret recipes!

Vote for Beads of Courage. Please.

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