What was in the boxes…

215 purple hearts ordered for Beads of Courage

Diane Woodall – various designs

Bonnie Stowe’s smiley cats

Marcy Lamberson’s balloons and cupcakes

Deanna Chase’s cubic zirconias!

Kristina Floyd’s Critters

And they’ve all been checked over and repackaged to go to HQ to be distributed to the hospitals for kids finishing cancer treatment.  Yay!

Making keychains…

Busy busy busy.  In addition to trying to get ready for Bead & Button I have been busy cranking out some things for Beads of Courage.  One thing are these keychains:

This is what you receive with a $25 donation to Beads of Courage.  Not only do you support a full course of treatment for a child battling cancer but you get a handmade gift.  Higher donation amounts also receive a keychain and the glass heart bead will be a different color signifying it.

I have also been making purple hearts and these little beads:

They will be part of a similar key chain and will go into the swag bag for the VIPs at the David Grisman fundraiser concert for Beads of Courage.  Two hundred are going to be made.

Now you can understand why my blog has been a bit quiet lately.  So, off I go to make more beads.  Today I will try to focus on my Bead & Button Show inventory since it’s right around the corner!  So much to do…

If you would like to help me reach a fundraising goal, please click the link to my hefty goal of $10,000 to raise money for artist-made purple hearts to be given to BOC kids signifying their end of treatment!

It’s the little things…

Yes, it is definitely the little things in life that make me happy.  I’m not just talking about little beads, although those give me a smile too.

If you can’t tell what this is, it’s a little bubble-wrapped nugget.  Inside is an adorable little bead from Lauren Mazursky who is part of the Beads of Courage Artist Gallery that I manage.  It holds a truly adorable hound dog bead.  Tiny little beads!

The little thing that makes me the most happy is Lauren’s thoughtfulness when, sending about 15 of these little beads, individually wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure their safe arrival.  Check it out…every little scotch tape piece has a very useful little flap folded under for easy grip and rip removal:

Thank you Lauren.  You made the job of unwrapping to photograph go much more quickly!  Yes, you make me very happy.  Gold Star for Lauren.

p.s.  loco also gets a gold star for using easy-remove painters tape to secure her bubble wrap so it is fully reusable!