Ten Buck Sale…

Regarding yesterday’s post and all those beads that I showed…did you know that I’ve been having Ten Buck sales?  Two so far in the last month.  All those beads you saw in yesterday’s post?  I’ve been listing them on my site slowly but surely for $9.99 each.

Why didn’t you know about this?  Because you probably aren’t on my mailing list. (subscribe over there on the left).  I email immediately when I’m done posting them.  Yes, the link to the Ten Buck sale is there on my site under “catalog by style” but they have been flying out the door as soon as my email goes out so there isn’t much left for the casual browser.

I have been so busy that my newsletter hasn’t been weekly and it hasn’t been much of a newsletter so rest assured, you won’t be spammed and you can unsubscribe any time you like.  I hope to see you there!

I Take Credit Cards

Just a quick note to let you know that my shopping cart can now take credit cards outside of PayPal.

Just enter your Visa, Mastercard or American Express information in the shopping cart upon check out and you’re good to go.  All transactions are secure and your cart won’t be charged until your beads ship!

Check out the beads at lorigreenberg.com and give yourself a treat.

Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour

071020sonoranartsleague2.gifThis afternoon I have to go to a ‘mandatory’ meeting of the Sonoran Arts League (SAL).  Can anyone make anything mandatory anymore?  I don’t like that word but I like the SAL and look forward to their meetings so it doesn’t bother me in this regard.

The mandatory meeting is to stuff envelopes.  See why it’s so important?  Seriously, SAL is the organization that puts on the Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour that I do and brag about once a year.  I brag about it because I am impressed about every aspect of the show.  Even the fact that we’re stuffing envelopes…I think there were 45,000 last year.  And that’s only part of the advertising they do for the event.

hidden in the hillsWhat is the event?  At least 45 studios open their doors in about a mile radius or so.  Each studio has other artists set up and exhibiting in their yards, on their patios or in their homes.  And they’re good quality artists!  It’s a six day event spread over the weekend before Thanksgiving and the weekend after and during that time, if you drive around in this area you will see yellow letterboard signs and flags around directing traffic where to turn for the studios.

The cool part is that you get to see the artists in action in their studios and also start your holiday shopping!

Oh, and I’m on the tour.

So, in a few minutes I will happily leave to stuff envelopes to tell the surrounding community of our event.  If you’re thinking of visiting the Phoenix valley around Thanksgiving, look us up.