How I Enjoy the Little Things…

Over at FlamingHot Susan asks, “What are the little ways you enjoy glass and the business you run?”

This, like many things in business, was a struggle for me. No matter how much you love what you do, there are going to be things that bug you. The little things like paperwork and phone calls that you won’t want to do. But you have to do them.

While there are many little things in my business that I love, there are many that that is not the case. So, I had to change my attitude, and I have to continuously adjust that attitude. If I didn’t, the little things would be miserable.

Here’s my little secret. If you do the little things you can’t stand, at the right time, you’ll feel good about them.

For example, I don’t particularly care for cleaning beads. But it has to get done. What is a good time to clean beads? When I only have a few minutes available. Normally, when we only have a few minutes we think, ‘what could I possibly get done in five minutes?’ and we throw that time out the window. If I pick up my dremel and clean some beads, I’ve just been really productive in a short time, doing something I wouldn’t normally like to do. That makes me feel good and bead cleaning doesn’t feel as bad.

How about spacer beads or simple production stuff? Can’t stand it. But, if I don’t have my mojo on that day or the muse is out dancing with someone else, why not sit down and make spacer beads? It takes my thoughts off being frustrated at the lack of creative juice and when I’m done, I have lots of spacer beads to either sell or have at my disposal. But then I gotta do all that cleaning. Hm.

Those are just two examples. How do you get yourself to do the little things that you’d rather not do? Do you do them begrudgingly or do you trick yourself so they actually seem ok? Let me (and others) know! Leave a comment!

Testing Glass Colors

Today I’ll take on the subject of testing glass colors, at the prompting of Susan over at FlamingHot.

The skinny on my testing glass colors is, for the most part, I don’t do it.  It’s too frustrating for me.  I want a finished product when I put that bead into the kiln and testing does not give me those results.

I’ve tested tools and I’ve tested frit.  I’ve tested my brains out.  I have no more desire to test.

That said…sometimes I do need to come up with a certain color, or I have an idea about a combination of colors I’m not quite sure about and like Suzy said in her post, I do test beads.  But that is when I need to know something specific.

It’s hard for me to step out of my structured (to me) little world and just play.  Which is kind of sad, don’t you think?  I need the muse to call me in order to play and I am making sure that when that happens, I listen because I need that play time.

Now, on the other hand, I love the idea of testing glass colors.  I love the idea of sitting down and trying all kinds of combinations and then either photographing or mounting them on a foam board and labeling all of them for future reference.   I love the idea of compiling something like that for others to use for themselves.  I love compiling projects like that.  If I had spare time, that is what I would do.

But then again, I like stuffing envelopes.

Out With the Old, In With the New…

The current FlamingHot topic is “What are you grand plans for the year?”

Well, I already blogged about my studio focus for the year and that I’m coining it “Art for Art’s Sake.” But, in an effort to follow the sentiment of “Out With the Old, In With the New” I’m making a personal goal to reduce clutter.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  That sounds like a goal that I’ve been meaning to get to every year, right?  But this is the year.  (And I just typed that as my 6 year old handed me a package of daddy’s old guitar strings that I asked him to save for me.  I tossed them into a pile with other stuff on the side of my desk).

Seriously though.  While Cathy Lybarger considered naming 2008 “The year of clean laundry and dirty living” I am going to coin the personal part of my year, “The year of no more $h*t on my counters.”  If you follow my battle with counter top clutter you know that this is not going to be an easy feat.  But, unless I want to ruin my kids for life, I must undertake this challenge.  Or maybe I should get worse at it since you know kids want to be exactly opposite of their parents, right?

Check in with me later to see how I’m doing.  Right now I’m off to buy industrial sized garbage bags for the initial clearing.

By the time 2009 rolls around my kids rooms will be de-toyed.  The ‘play room’ will be converted into a game/video room and the computers will be moved out of the living room.  Heck, I might even get around to some decorating here or there.  On second thought, maybe I should save that one for next year.  I don’t want to over-do it, you know.