Spacers. Spacers. Spacers. And a necklace.

I’ve been obsessed with spacer beads.  This has been going on for some time.  I am of the belief that more of anything makes even the littlest things spectacular.  That is, make hundreds of spacer beads and show a picture of them and they look impressive…even though they’re just little, simple beads that usually go unnoticed.

many glass spacer beads

I’ve found that when I’m obsessed with something (that is, it won’t get out of my head until I give it my full attention) it will distract and detract from everything else I try to create.  I learned that lesson a couple years ago with dot beads.  So, I’m making spacer beads.

Here is one good thing that came out of it:

sweet silver and glass necklaceI took the opportunity to do color studies…another of my favorite things.  I have these grand plans of having a reference guide that shows what every glass over every other glass looks like.  As it is, I can’t even keep up with all the colors that are out there.  But some day….some….day.

See how those pink beads aren’t all pink? They’re layers of pink, lighter pink and clear.  The translucent ones I think are Bullseye glass.  My goal is to try and stay off the rod.  Each spacer, even though tiny will not be just one color.  They’ll be layered.  Unless they’re a color that striates or is more than one tone all on it’s own.

Oh, and the necklace (along with others coming soon) is in my Etsy shop if you like it enough.  It feels great on and is a fine size for little girls necks too.

More Chocolate and Blue Lampwork Beads

You remember the absolutely gorgeous blue and brown beads that I wrote about? And that some were cracked? Well, they haunted me and I decided to try with a different type of glass that was all compatible…no worries about cracking. The only worry I had is that the colors wouldn’t strike me as much as the first color.

Well, I was wrong. They are just as beautiful as the first set. And really, even moreso because, like with everything, the more you make, the better you get at it. So, check them out. And if you like them enough, go buy them on Etsy.

And yes, I know they look very Sarah Moran-ish and I’m not quite sure what to do about that right now. I didn’t set out to make Sarah Moran-like beads, although her beads are an inspiration. This shape, using the Zoozii cone drop tool with the additional top for bicones, is formed by stacking graduated sizes of dots and pressing along the way to keep the cone sides even. Alternate colors for those stacked dots, and this is what you get.

As with anything new that I start doing, once I get a design scheme that I like, I then use it for color studies.  What colors would go together and work in this shape/style?  Which ones don’t work?  It helps me to learn more about color and leads me in the direction of different bead shapes and designs.  So, stick around to see what comes next.

New Earthy and Bold Colors Both on Etsy.

I knew you’d like the last set I put on Etsy but I had no idea that it would be snapped up so fast. Now, that’s fun.

Here are the newest three sets I put up. If you like funky and different, these may be for you:

Desert Twilight


Circus Rain

That’s a pretty good dose of eye candy today, isn’t it? Did I mention that sets listed on Etsy are shipped for FREE within the US? Yep. Click on the bead titles to go to them.