Buying Beads. Me?

I haven’t bought art beads just for pleasure for quite a while now.  Last week though, I couldn’t resist and had to buy these beads:

I don’t know what came over me.  I just had to have them.

Never underestimate the power of social networking.  I came to these beads that I couldn’t live without after following a link from Diane Woodall’s post in the Beads of Courage section of the Lampwork Etc. forum.  She was sharing the source of the purple frit she uses on some of her purple heart beads.  Beadgoodies Mystic frit.

While I set out to buy some frit, I ended coming home with the above beads.  I don’t make jewelry although these are tempting me to.  I’ll probably put them on a string, hang them nearby and just look at them for juicy inspiration for a while.

Video Tutorial: Making Glass Jack Murrini Beads

Thank you to Lori Peterson of for this great video tutorial:

I recently ordered a few packets of their juicy murrini chips and haven’t used them.  I’ve been waiting for just the right thing to do with them, as I don’t want to squander them…ha ha ha.  I know what I’m going to be doing when I get out to the studio!

More Gaffer Experiments

Here are some more of those sweet little Gaffer experiments:

I really DO need to order more glass.  I’ve been telling myself that for the last few months but somehow, I manage to get plenty of beads made with what I have.  Go figure.  Anyone who has seen my studio knows that me needing to order more glass is um…what would you call it?  An obsession?  I’ve been doing pretty well living out of inventory.  Mona had to go and do it to me though when she sent me home with these juicy Gaffer colors.  Just enough to tease me into wanting more!

Just look at that minty color and that Taxi Cab Yellow (pumpkin).  The denim blue is pretty cool and the veiled purples rock.  ::sigh::

It’s kind of fun to make these really primitive looking, tiny, two-color beads too.  Just picking up a couple colors and putting them together.  Not trying to create any kind of masterpiece or worrying that it ‘won’t turn out’.  That’s the whole fun of testing.  No expectations…just seeing what happens.