Win $500 in Beads from Me.

Hi All.

If you’re on my email list you know about the contest. I’ve been meaning to get back here and let you know about it too but thing have been crazy getting ready for Tucson.

The basics of the contest are this…

For every $25 you spend with me through midnight this Sunday. (Mountain Standard Time) you will be given an entry for a drawing to win $500 of beads from me…your choice of beads on my web site. When I get back from Tucson I will be updating the web site with the new stacked dot beads and whatever inventory I have left from the show too.

So, if you spend $50 you get 2 entries, etc. People buying in Tucson are also being entered for each $25 they spend.

Five Hundred Dollars in beads, people. Go shop now!

Updates about the show when I can get to them…it’s been a tight schedule here!

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Little bit of cross-posting today (also on but I wanted to make sure you all knew about this new site and the promotion they’re running:

While catching up on the stack of magazines that has piled up around here this weekend I came across a full page ad for Art Fire. It said: No listing fees, no final value fees. No fees.

I made a mental note to check it out.

Then this morning I saw that they’re running a special. If you get 10 friends to sign up they’ll waive the $7 monthly fee. For Life. How can one beat that?

I remember when PayPal was new and they were giving out $5 for every person you got to sign up. And look at it now. I have the same feeling about Art Fire.

We’re always looking for new venues to sell our handcrafted goods. While I haven’t used Art Fire yet, when I went to sign up to tell you, my 10 friends, about it I found that I was already registered. I’m impressed with the look and feel of the site and the fact that they had an inside cover, full page ad in one of the beading magazines. That’s a good start that tells me they’re serious about promoting themselves and what we do!

Why not join and give it a try? For 7 bucks you can’t go wrong and you can always unsubscribe. And if YOU get 10 friends to join, you’re free for life. Why not give it a try?

Register on

New Beads and New Discounts

If you aren’t signed up for my newsletter you wouldn’t know that some things have changed on my bead site. So, right now, if you’re not signed up for my weekly newsletter, sign up so you get first notification when new beads are listed and sales are posted!

Here’s what’s new:

1. New beads posted, of course.

2. New beads in the Ten Buck sale.

3. New discounts. Full 50% wholesale pricing at $500. Put $500 into your cart at and you only pay $250.00. Too high? Try the Designer Level discount and put $300 into your cart and receive 30% discount. There are no restrictions. The discounts apply to the Ten Buck stuff as well as the other items that are on sale throughout the site.

Happy shopping!