It’s all becoming clear…

If you are an artist who sells your work, you know that things have changed in the last three years. Especially if you sell through shows or online.  While I’ve known this, I’ve still held out hope that it would change.  While most of it can probably be blamed on the economy, I also believe that it was bound to happen.  That’s what a bubble is.  Eventually, when it gets too big, it is going to burst.

You can only have so many bead shows…more and more keeping coming along which means that sales are more spread out.  You can only have so many online listings and the same thing happens. So, I’ve been exploring what is next.  I’ve been kicking around the whole homemaker fer real idea.  Not just squeezing it in here and there between work but taking a true interest in it and putting it first.  I have become more and more interested in food and healthy cooking.  Heaven knows that I need to get this house in shape and do some decorating and refreshing.  On top of that, there could be home schooling on the horizon.

So, what does that mean for my art and my blogging?  I actually think they’ll be better if this all shakes out.  I see it as an opportunity to design more and make more planned pieces, not cranking out inventory. Selling them more slowly, but that is ok because I will be making them more slowly.  I’m not sure right now if this is just another “what if”  or if it is going to become a reality.

I am also paring back on some of my volunteer opportunities and focusing more on what is meaningful to me and what I can handle.  I am working on the online handmade Artist Gallery for Beads of Courage at  In my head I have the dream and desire to make it the largest place for handmade works of artists who want to make a difference in their world, one piece at a time.  Up until now, I haven’t sold any of my work through Beads of Courage, nor have I participated in any of the programs that involved artist contests.  I will sell through though.  These purple heart pendants are the first of that.  60% of all proceeds in the gallery go to supporting Beads of Courage programs.  40% supports the arts and the artists who sell there and help support this.

New Bead Styles

It’s been a while but I’ve finally listed some new beads on my web site.  Included are the new Venus beads.  Well, they’re not really new because I did something along these lines last year.  But these are better and more colorful.  I worked out some of the design issues.

lori greenberg venus glass beads

Below are the ones I did a year ago.  Can you see the evolution or do they look the same to you?


These were just throwing out colors and design elements as I worked.  The newer ones were more planned out color-wise.  They also took into account the different colors that were being layered over each other.  Colors were chosen that really gave depth to the glass around the borders and the intricate dots on the sides.


I guarantee that when you see the new ones that you will want to touch them. And you can.  Come see me at Bead & Button in June.  Or Art Unraveled for one day in August.  Maybe I’ll bring some to the Gathering too.


They’re definitely different but I love them.  Especially the new ones.  The texture is great.  Now I need to come up with some small accent beads so I can make some jewelry for myself…and maybe you can make some for yourself too.  Be sure to check them all out at  Oh, and if you notice that some of the new beads are already sold, that’s because if you’re on my newsletter mailing list you get first notice of new beads and sales.  Why not sign up while you’re over there…you will never get more than one email a week. Unless it’s an emergency.

Listing Beads; Watch it in Real Time

I’ve forgotten how long and tedious this process is.  Here’s what I’ve posted today so far:

beads posted on

And here’s what I have to go:

beads to be posted on

You can even watch them appear in real time by clicking this link and refreshing your browser every five minutes.  I mean, what else do you have to do?  THIS is what has kept me from picking the $500 free bead winner!  I want to make sure they have enough variety to shop from.  So, if you see any here that you like, you had better snatch them up because once I pick the winner and sent out my newsletter, they may not be around for long.  Or, at least, I can hope.

Think about it…someone able to pick $500 worth of beads for free?  I’d go for the big ones, and the sets.

I’m just sayin’.