Tap into creativity in motion…

As I’m working today I’m starting to formulate what I will show and talk about at the Arizona Society of Glass Beadmaker’s demo day this Sunday. I have a chunk of time to fill and there is so much to tell. I think I could show everything I know in that amount of time but have been told is unrealistic and modest…hee hee.   There’s that thing of needing to wait for the glass to melt….if only I could work as fast as the words that come out of my mouth…I’d be able to teach everything I know in ten minutes or so.

I am realizing that I have more to say about the creative process and being unique, or trying to be unique, and developing a style than I do about the actual techniques. I’d rather teach and inspire creativity than how to pull a stringer and put in onto a ball of glass. I wonder if that’s even something you can teach; creativity, that is. Or if anyone is even interested in that. I try to share as much of that as I can here but oh to talk about it in action! That is when the words and thoughts are fresh and raw…while in the zone. The other thing I wonder about is whether I’d go into the zone while demo-ing in front of a large group.  It’s one thing to have it going on in your head but for it to actually come out of your mouth?  Interesting concept, I think.

shiver beads glass lampwork lori greenbergShown here are some more beads a la the Shivers set that is on eBay for a couple more hours…These haven’t made it into a set because I’ve been trying different color combinations.  I’ll show more as the days go on.  In the meantime, I’ve veered back into focals again…small affordable ones this time and I’m going to explore a set that matches one of them so I can keep up my eBay promise of having a killer set up regularly.  I do think I should do more sets for the specials though, don’t you?

An eBay store for you eBayers…

small ruby scrimmage glass lampwork beads lori greenbergIn the time it’s taken to upload this picture (not long) I’ve already forgotten what I came here to write.  You know what that means, don’t you?  Just like Grandma Bianucci used to say, “It must not have been very important.”  Thanks Grandma…your words live on.

Not that anything I say is important but sometimes I get a good one in there.

While I’m looking for new cheese I’ve decided to try eBay stores again.  Would you like to hear about my new selling strategy?  Of course you would.  You live to hear about my strategies, don’t you?

First of all, I’ve realized that I no longer have the stomach for watching auctions.  Now that some of my work is getting more complicated, time consuming and therefore requires a somewhat higher price, it is too painful (isn’t that a good artist word?  Painful?) to watch auctions either not sell or get low bids.  I realize that doesn’t reflect on my work (although you may disagree)  but on not being in front of the right buyer at the right time…which happens with auctions.  So, I am trying eBay stores.  (Here’s the link to mine). If you use the store enough the monthly fee comes out to less in listing fees and the items can stay up for a month at a time.  One drawback is that it’s a fixed price and some people do like the bidding.  Fixed priced items may sit longer because people do come to eBay to find bargains and deals.  But, I’d rather not sell my work than give it away.

I used to use auction to primarily draw attention to my work.  So, the other part of my strategy is to keep a killer set of beads up regularly.  Beads that I don’t necessarily sell on my site yet.  Maybe not ever.  Maybe experimental beads but always KILLER.  Good quality, good design, lots of beads and spacers to go along.  Cohesive and satisfying sets.

I know there is more to this strategy that I’ve taken into consideration but this is getting long and I don’t want to bog you down too much.  Feel free to ask any questions regarding selling…I’d love to share…and as I think of things I’ll blog them to you.

Thanks for reading and if you’d like to see more of my work, my web site, as always is www.lorigreenberg.com.