Tucson Bead Curtain

I like to see production work as I’m preparing for shows so I hang the most recent beads at my torch station. I helps me get a feel for what I have done, what will be in my display and in turn, what I need to round it out with. I always have beads hanging around my bench to remind me what to repeat and what not to do again. This is the current version that will come down tomorrow and be replaced with the most current beads after Penny cleans them:

I love being surrounded by hanging beads. It is one of the benefits of production work…you get to have beauty all around you and then you can sell it and change it up. I live in a rainbow at least 2 hours a day.


The beads I’ll be bringing to Tucson Best Bead Show…

In less than three weeks the Tucson Best Bead Show will begin and as usual, I feel under-prepared. But I’m ok with it. At least, that is what I’ve learned to tell myself when I’m, well, … under-prepared. Here is the start of a preview of what I will be slinging’ in the tent:

They were named today by the Wonderful Penny. That sounds like a fitting name for an assistant, doesn’t it? Maybe it should be the Amazing Penny…insert whooshing of a cape as I reveal here….

Ah, but anyway…she told me she liked my Genie Bottles and I looked at her puzzled.  It took me a minute to realize she meant the beads that I had made during the week.  Oh the fun I am going to have now.  I love Genie Bottles!

So, they’re not really Genie Bottles…they’re beads so the hole goes straight through. And if you think these fit the name, just wait for what’s coming now that I’ve been inspired.

I have been having so much fun at the torch and that has been a long time coming! I’m almost afraid to admit it here because we all know how fast those types of feelings can pass. I think that having someone to help is really making a difference.


Now, with less than three weeks and even those not being full work weeks, I better get my rear in gear, as my mom used to say, and get these beads made! I’ve been averaging only 3-5 beads a day and that is just not acceptable. I need to get out to the studio earlier and log some more torch hours instead of spending my time on all of this paperwork that piles up.

So, if you are going to be in Tucson, I would love to see you.  I will be at the Best Bead Show at the Kino Veteran’s Center, February 1-5, out in the tent (Pavilion North), Booth #205.

Such high hopes…

That is what I had when these went into the kiln:

I knew I wouldn’t like the blue one because I, for some reason, put those pink bubble dots in there so I decided before I even saw it that I’d etch it. The others? I thought the colors were going to be much more rich. Hmmmm. The one on the far right was supposed to be a nice brown.

So, they are steps in the process to the next version.

Happy Friday, y’all.  Back to the studio tour for the weekend.  Stop up and give me a shout.