Views from my desk…

What is it about this time of year that bring the bunnies close to home? They are really fun to watch.  They jump and frolic and sprawl in the shade.  Not that Arizona shade provides much relief from the heat yet, they try.

This is what I see every day as I toil away at my desk.  Life’s tough, huh?  The only tough part of this view is that it is along the walk to our front door so, if the shutters are open, anyone walking by can see that I’m home and that means I can’t ignore them when they ring the doorbell to try and sell or preach something to me.

I much prefer the view of Sugah Daddy’s home office. But, he is out most of the time driving around, meeting with customers and actually working to pay the bills. So, I guess he can have the better view.

Holiday time photography of a 7 year old

The latest doodling ustream video is up.  If you are interested in being in a doodle-swap, it is explained at the end.  I am having a lot of fun with this whole video thing and it is really surprising me.  Now I”m going to have to train my brain to think in video editing language.

So, we had a nice time after the holidays in Sedona, AZ.  The kids even got to play with a little snow.

I also thought it was about time the 7 year old be able to use the “good” camera.  This is her idea of art photography, I guess:

She would KILL me if I did that to her.  So, to get back at her, I’m posting this…showing her, uh, intensity:

Take that, 7 year old.  I probably should show her this.  I always tell her that that attitude is not very becoming but, well, I guess I have an expressive face as well.  It runs on the Italian side of the family.

Yay to the Camera!

I don’t like to blog when I don’t have a picture.  Sure, I could pull one out of somewhere but, I’m trying to stay at least a little bit relevant here.  I have many photos that I’ve been meaning to take but have kept getting sidetracked with home-body stuff which has been surprisingly satisfying as of late.

One thing I have been up to is getting the Beads of Courage Online Artist Gallery/Store full of good stuff at  Here is just one example of a package of consignment items I was in the process of cataloging:

But then, I got sidetracked by my camera.  For some reason I decided to try my fancy dancy Nikon again for macro pictures. The last time I tried I got discouraged and went back to my dinky little Nikon consumer version camera which you know, was just fine.  Don’t tell the Sugah Daddy.

This time though, I think I might have hit on something.  I hope I can remember what it was because I was trying combinations of all kinds of lenses and add-on things that came with the camera.

I am liking many things about these photos.  Of course the very close perspective.  I am liking the shorter depth of field (that which makes one part look crisp and clear and the rest fade into a blur).  And I am liking the fact that these are sitting on my desk, next to a window with no preparation or staging of any kind.

So, my fancy camera is my friend again.  For now, anyway.  Now I want the fish eye lens to go on it too.  But that’s a lot of expense just for a little fun.