Picture in picture

I think it’s funny to take pictures of people taking pictures of other people.

I don’t know why.


Probably for the same reason that I think it would be fun to take photos of shoes by the side of the road. But, that doesn’t seem to work out for me because I never have my good camera with me and usually don’t have the time or inclination to turn around and go back to get the photo.

How did those bones get there?

I finally was able to start the photo class that I registered for before I went to the Gathering last month.  The class is called “Mastering Manual Mode” over at Big Picture Classes, although I can’t find the link without having to be logged in.  It is an attempt to learn how to use this fancy camera I have.  First lesson was to take a picture of the same object in five different lighting situations.  At one point it was necessary to actually leave the house and I headed to the backyard where I got this shot:

I liked how it looked so much I decided right then and there that maybe today would be the day that an outdoor photo shoot would be successful this time, for beads and jewelry.  So, I went and got some stuff to make it happen.  Sorry Diane…these are your pieces along the ledge of my new planter boxes with dead roses in them. (something ate them…again).

Needless to say, I still like the pictures that I take indoors under regulated conditions, better.  But, I tried. I also found something interesting in the soil.


I have no idea how they got there.  Could they have come in the soil that we had to buy since AZ soil sucks?  Was there some huge bird or maybe a snake nearby that deposited them. And, they’re tiny bones.

I am going to have to take the kids on an expedition in the planter boxes.