Moving into new venues…

There is a sales rep. in Indiana that is interested in carrying some of my jewelry pieces and working together on some other stuff. So, I am being pulled into the land of boutiques and spas. I think that will be a nice change.

Things are changing so much, and I never would have dreamt that I’d be doing some of the things that I’ve been doing. Being on the cover of a magazine for the first article I’ve ever submitted, writing a book, and having reps to sell my work. All I ever wanted to do is make beads and sell them.

LG Business CardSpeaking of things changing, I don’t know if I’m just getting older or what is going on because usually change freaks me out. I like things to stay the same for the most part….or at least I think I do….until I’m ready for a change. But this time it’s exciting.

I’m trying to be more accepting of the fact that I’m being called more to write and show than I am to create and sell. It would be silly for me to struggle against it when it’s all sitting right in front of me, it comes naturally, and the market is there. Oh, and here’s my new business card. I have a new one for Bead Nerd too but I still have some of the older ones to go through before I have more printed

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