Bullseye Glass Hits a Bullseye.

I’ve been fascinated with the whole ‘going green’ thing, but in a spectator kind of way. I mean, I do the easy stuff. I conserve energy by turning off lights. We have low energy appliances. We recycle. But I have to admit that I have not made sacrifices for the well-being of our environment. Embarrassing but true.

But the more and more I hear what people are doing the more I wonder what I can do. A couple weeks ago I subscribed to the Bullseye Glass blog. I’ve been accumulating some Bullseye and just got a small order in last week. So I thought I might read some of the posts on the blog to see what’s going on in the world of Bullseye.

Little did I know that Bullseye Glass is environmentally and socially conscious. Lani McGregor blogs about installing huge, and I mean HUGE, liquid oxygen system that helps them to save on fuel. They got rid of bottled water and paper cup waste by installing a filtered water drinking fountain and teach you how little acts can make a big difference. Like collecting spare change for the local food bank.  They even plant trees.

Here’s more:

Recycling Values

Bullseye Factory Built with Recycled Bricks

But I have a feeling the theme is pretty entrenched since their beginnings.  The thing I want to know is…why isn’t this more public?

2 thoughts on “Bullseye Glass Hits a Bullseye.

  1. Sheila

    thanks for telling us this. It is good to know!
    I was really happy to find out that the cabinets I draw (my side job) are made in a factory that is completley self sufficient (woodmode). All earth friendly and recycled. The Construction specificications in America today inclue requiring earth friendly, and recycled materials, as well as encourage local purchases.
    We have a glass art school here in Dearborne, Mi. that is building a GREEN ROOF. That is a whole other way to condition your environment inside a building; without air conditioning, and less heat (in the winter)
    It’s all good!
    We are doing a great job! (I guess the hippie movement really paid off! 😉

  2. Deanna

    Thanks Lori for posting this. The more I learn about Bullseye, the happier I get. I also didn’t know they had a blog. I am happily subscribed now. 🙂

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