Whirlwind of a Day…Good, Bad and Just So-So.

Whew.  It has been a whirlwind day.  I had my tv appearance, sped home to get the kids from school, then back into ‘the city’ to close on a condo in Sedona, then stood in line for about half hour before leaving the AT&T store because they were so dang slow and I hadn’t eaten all day.  Went out for a quick burrito with the kids and then home.

So much good stuff.  But came home to see how I did on tv, but TiVo hadn’t recorded it.  That’s ok.  I can buy a copy and I’ll call tomorrow.  So, I decided I’d download the pictures from my camera and at least share that with you.  Which would have been nice, don’t you think?  But I realized my purse was nowhere to be found and a frantic search started.  I just knew I left it at the restaurant.

So I called.

Nothing.  No purse.  Got frustrated and even more panicked, snapped at my husband who was trying to call the AT&T store to see if it was there.  While searching for the web site of the burrito place to see how late they were open because he was going to go back and look for himself, he asked me if I had called the right one.

What?  There are TWO of them on that street?  Yep.  And I had called the wrong one.  So he called and sure enough, the purse was there…so he’s on his way to get it now. Whew.

Oh, and side note…I have been told that I shouldn’t call it a ‘purse’ that that is what you win in a horse race.  It should be called a pocketbook.  Sorry.

Tomorrow, pictures from the show…did I mention that I was the segment between the SPAM cooking champion and kids making crafts with pom poms?  Whoo  Hoo!

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