Tips Tuesday: Keep Your Booth Simple

Tips Tuesday is something that is a feature of a new blog project I joined. Flaming Hot.  I’m already doing it wrong my first time but since I came up with my tip and had a picture to go along with it, I’m posting it anyway and will do my Tips Tuesday properly next time and email my picture ahead.  (Sorry Susan!)

What could be more obvious than keeping your booth simple?  Easy to set up and tear down, right?

I’m talking about the design and how it interacts with your work, or better yet, doesn’t interact.  I haven’t been doing shows all that long but I’ve found that the simpler I keep it, the more emphasis on and recognition of my work there is.   Here’s my booth from the most recent fall Tucson Best Bead Show:

tucson best bead show booth lori greenberg

It ain’t spectacularly decorated or fancy but it’s crisp, clean, and gets the job done.  (don’t mind that thing in the background…it was a place to hang some neck cords and definitely will be re-thought next show!)

I’ve done shows in my own studio where I’ve been warned ahead of time to take down any pieces of art other than my own.  I didn’t follow that advice because I love all of my collected beads, trinkets and creatures.  Sure enough…I spent too much time explaining that those cool little tikis were bought on eBay, they weren’t for sale and I didn’t make them.  Grrrr.  Buy a dang bead, husband-of-the-woman-that-dragged-you-here!

Lesson learned.  Keep it simple.  Let YOUR work do the talking.

(Oh, and when it’s this simple, make sure you bring your lint brush…that shows up more too).

11 thoughts on “Tips Tuesday: Keep Your Booth Simple

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  2. Jennifer

    I think that’s a great tip.

    I was trying to explain the concept of letting one’s work speak for itself to my son the other day while he helped me build my new website. He said, “It’s a little too minimalist for my taste.” and I told him that the website wasn’t being built to showcase his incredible skills as a webmaster but to showcase MY work. Then I told him to just hush up and do what I say. Being the mom of the webmaster has it’s advantages. 😉

  3. Susan Sheehan

    Don’t be sorry! This is great information. You can use this and host next Tuesday if you want. Email me baby 🙂

  4. lorigreenberg Post author

    Ha ha ha. You should know, Jiley, it was ME taking the picture…I had to step out of the booth. Remind me to never ask you to booth sit!

    Everyone…Jiley spends more time out of her booth causing trouble than she does in it selling stuff. I think she should name her business “Wandering Beads”

  5. lorigreenberg Post author

    Ooooo Jennifer. I can’t imagine having a teen relative do anything for me. I feel funny enough being firm on what I want with someone I pay. But a teenager? Yikes. That would be as bad as trying to do that with my husband. But you’re right!

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  7. lorigreenberg Post author

    @Alane – I did the sign in the background in photoshop and had a sign printer print it. I don’t remember their name off hand…something like sugarhouse or something. Any sign printer can do it.

    Yes, the lights are from IKEA and I’ve seen other artists with them. I’m going to transition to a one light on a pole set up though. After I get it and test it at a show I’ll report back.

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