Times, they are a changin’

So, I think I’m getting it figured out. (See my last post). It all has to do with the being ‘mom’ thing. I just know it.

I recently decided that, with the kids starting school and no more full-time childcare that I needed to back off work and focus on family more.  That, and I was starting to feel burned out. I’ve felt burnout before but it has always been relieved by a nice week away for vacation or with friends. Not so this time. Since February last year.

It wasn’t bad. I wasn’t sick or depressed or anything really bad at all. The worst of it was that I just couldn’t get into things (work) as much as I have in the past. Previously that has driven me nuts. Now, something is different and it feels kind of good. It feels good to pick the kids up from school and do things with them instead of worrying what is left undone in the studio.

It’s funny though. You may be thinking, oh no, Lori won’t be making beads anymore, or writing. But that’s not it. Really, nothing has changed. I’m just not going to obsess about things and I’m not going to be looking for new things all the time. I’m just going to work and do what I can do. It’s hard to put into words because it’s more of a change in mindset than anything physical.

I feel better already.

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