Glittery sparkleness is getting closer to me…

Hey y’all.  Look at what my buddy Margot did.  She up and came out with a new book.  Sparkletastic.  She’s good that way. She’s a tv star too…did you know that?  It’s my virtual brush with fame.

You know of my challenges with glitter and all things that sparkly. They say opposites attract.  And they’re right.  I dig Margot and I bet I would even like her Sparkletastic book with all it’s quirky girliness.  Look, I’m even starting to talk like her.

If she ever gives up writing I just might try to hire her as a personal coach to help me overcome my shiny-thing-phobia.

2 thoughts on “Glittery sparkleness is getting closer to me…

  1. margot potter


    How cool are you?! I love it! Thank you for the linky love! I’d be most happy to share my love of all things sparkly with you any old time-gratis!

    You write a mean blog, baby!

    Happy trails!

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