I’ll be your roving glass reporter…

Lori Greenberg Glass Cascade beadI’ve been thinking…that’s what I do now that I’m a Thinking Blogger. I must live up to that title. Ha ha ha. Big thinkin’ deal. Anyway, yes, I’ve been thinking. Now that my beady progress will be shared over at Watch Me Create, what am I going to fill this space with? I had a lot of fun writing the past two days humorous posts about Surviving Bead & Button and I do think that I should do more ‘glass bead world’ writing. Consider me your roving reporter on mostly-trivial-but-maybe-not-always, glass bead matters.

I’m always spouting off about how blogging is what is hot right now and will be even moreso in the future. It is an art in itself. Not just writing but blogging. Just like any art, it doesn’t have hard set rules. It can be anything you want it to be. I’ve pursued some places to team blog for and it amazes me that they don’t see the benefit yet. What better way to give your company a face? What better way to get traffic to your site? What better way to highlight your products? Sure, you can do all the print advertising you want but that doesn’t create a buzz. Blogging creates a buzz.

So, after knocking on some doors I realized that I’m just ahead of my game. Yeah, that’s it. Some day they’ll see! I also realized that no one is covering the glass bead world. Yes, there are bead blogs and there are other related blogs, but none solely for glass beads and/or products. At least, not in the way I see it happening.

So, once again I’m re-inventing my blog.  Think of it as continually evolving.  It won’t be that different…I’ll still show my beads. But I will be expanding outside of my own little world. That is always good…spread the word. Share the love. And as always, I will try to entertain you and keep your interest.

Cool? Cool.

Tomorrow I start with Silver Glass. It’s all the rage, you know.

2 thoughts on “I’ll be your roving glass reporter…

  1. Jenny Friske-Baer

    Hi Lori! Well, I took your advice from yesterday’s blog post. I was feeling mighty sorry for myself ‘cuz I didn’t go to Bead&Button and then even sorrier since I won’t be at Tuscon… so I bought a bead from a really great artist – YOU! I’ve been looking at those stitched beads forever and finally decided I wanted to own one of yours for my “collection”. So there you go. Keep up the great work blogging – I keep thinking about starting one myself for all those random thoughts floating around in my head. One of these days – lol! And by the way – I think your latest series is getting better and better with every bead!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks so much,
    Jenny Friske-Baer

  2. Leisa

    Youve just jumped half a step ahead of me! I was at a conference over the weekend about almost exactly that – using blogs to highlight your products, increase your traffic and just to become part of the ‘hot right now’ crowd and create a buzz for your industry. And of course being the beginner beader/ jewellery person I am I immediately thought of my own sad blog and the community that we are part of. How exciting! I cant waitto read all your entries because you are one of my fav bloggers and of course an inspiration in your artwork too (beads!). Not to mention a really great read!

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