Surviving the Bead and Button Show: During the show.

This is the last day of the Bead & Button Show and those of us left behind have almost made it. Here are some handy tips that you will be able to use next year, to get you through. That is, assuming that you didn’t plan ahead and start saving so you could actually be there next year. Be sure also to see yesterday’s Surviving the Bead and Button Show: Before the show.

  1. Lots of activities. Of course, do all those activities outside that you’ve been meaning to do. It will keep your mind off of missing the show.
  2. Repeat your mantra. When things get tough remind yourself ‘I’m going to Tucson. I’m going to Tucson.’ If you’re not going to Tucson, you’re worse off than I thought. Try to find some other event that brings you great pleasure and remind yourself that your turn is coming.
  3. Fantasy Budget. If the weather doesn’t hold up so you can go out and distract yourself with activities, get out a pad of paper, a calculator and go to eBay. Write a list of what you could spend the $2000+ that you saved by not going to the show and/or taking classes there. Show all of your online friends what you ‘bought’.
  4. Buy a Bead.  Treat yourself to a bead from an artist that you’ve been wanting for a long time.  If you can find it on eBay even better…chances are, bids will be lower since everyone is at the show.  Rationalize an expensive bead by telling yourself that one bead at $100 is a lot less than that bead would have cost if you had to pay for the show and travel expenses.  C’mon.  You deserve it.
  5. Go easy on yourself. Don’t beat yourself up for not planning ahead to be able to be at the show.  Take a bubble bath, get a pedicure.  Think about all those people who are in their hotel rooms right now, rubbing their aching feet and sleeping on beds that thousands of other people have slept on before them.
  6. Throw that Pity Party.  Get your favorite ice cream, a stack of movies and anything else that will make you feel better.  Tonight is the last night and you’ve made it.  Indulge and smile in the fact that you don’t have to get up early and pack to make a flight or make a long drive home.  Better yet, you don’t have to deal with the Chicago airports.  That in itself should make you feel really really good.
  7. Lie.  Your friends are coming home soon and will be back on line.  If you don’t want to block them to protect yourself from all of the great stories they will have, lie.  Tell them how happy you are for them that they were able to go to the show.  Remember, no one likes a sour puss and it causes wrinkles to frown.

2 thoughts on “Surviving the Bead and Button Show: During the show.

  1. Jessica

    I have been reading your blog DAILY since I have found it. I love it!!!! Your jewelry is beautiful and you definitely have a sparkling personality to match!
    That must have been some pity party you had last night……no post today? 🙂

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