Green grass is over-rated…

s070605a1.jpgSo, yesterday’s cry of envy got to you, huh?  Well, it made me remember something.  I had forgotten about that grass cutting thing.  Growing up I was in charge of cutting the grass.  It was a love/hate relationship.  Thanks for reminding me.

I can’t imagine working like I do and having a lawn to take care of  or doing it with little kids.  I thing God should have designed grass intelligently so that when a woman had a child, or children, the grass knew not to grow long for at least three years.  But then again that would keep people pregnant forever.  I guess God knew what He’s doing.

So, whaddya think of this bead?  I’m pretty happy and even more excited to see what comes out of the kiln tomorrow.  These littly zitty looking dots are evolving I say.  They’re taking on a life of their own.  But, you’ll just have to wait to hear how when I get to that on the Watch Me Create blog.  I’ll let you know when I get there.  In the meantime, be watching over there for how it all started.

4 thoughts on “Green grass is over-rated…

  1. lori g.

    Thanks Ms. Margot! I think I will think about who makes me think.

    And thanks Miss Nancy. It flippin’ cracked! Note to self: Do not encase with Lauscha Red. Grrrrr. It looks nice on my computer though.

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