Business cycles…do you notice them?

b070530a1.jpgAhhhhh.  It’s good to be back in the saddle.  It’s good to see juicy beads in my blog posts.  It’s good to feel the words coming out my fingers.  It’s good to have writing projects lined up and it’s good to have shows to start inventory for.

After having done my first full show year I am going to have to plan a little differently for the next year.  I knew that these past few months were to focus on writing and advertising but I didn’t have anything lined up to write.  Now that I do, it’s time to start thinking inventory.  Yikes.  It’s gonna be one jam-packed fall and winter.  But that’s good, right?

I think it’s interesting to watch the cycles of a self-employed person.  I used to watch it in my husband’s business and now I watch it in my own.  There are times when you can’t keep up with  all of the sales and orders and then the seasons change and you’re in a rebuilding phase again and focusing on drumming up business.  Then it hits again.  Learning to ride that ebb and flow is an intuitive art in itself.  Learning how to maximize ‘down time’ if you want to call it that and learning how to stay balanced and focused in crunch time.  I think that’s a whole post in itself, yes?

2 thoughts on “Business cycles…do you notice them?

  1. Lori G.

    Well, now that you mention it…I’ll get on it, and in more colors. I’ve been pretty lax about getting things up on my site. Thanks for the motivation! If you’re not on my mailing list, jump on…I announce new listings there!

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