Studio Series – Movable Compartments are Your Friend…

It is about high time I do another studio series post, don’t you think? There is something very simple in my studio that I marvel at every time I look at them. Yes, every single time. And I look at them a lot throughout the day. I feel so clever, and it is not clever at all. But, for the chance that you might think so, I’ll show you.

Decorative, carry-along storage bins and boxes. In leather. I don’t know about you but I love boxes. Nice, sturdy boxes. They line my shelves now.

Leather storage boxes

Why, you ask, is this such a big deal? Well, I have a studio that does not open into my house so if I want to work at a time when I don’t have childcare or at night, I just grab the designated bin and bring it into the house. I don’t have to think about what I need to bring in to work on, it’s already there.

And you see that they’re neatly labeled so I know what to grab in a rush. The bins I currently have are:

1. ‘bills’ that includes everything I need to process checks (for my biz and hubbys), make a deposit (rubber stamp and deposit book), mail it, label the envelope, pay bills, etc.

2. ‘online sales’ which includes all of the beads I have up for sale so when one or more sells, I pull it down and fish out the inventory I need. No more getting mixed up with unlisted beads.

3. ‘to list’ which is a box of beads that have been photographed but haven’t made it online yet. I can grab it, with my caliper inside the bin, and go into the house and hop on that computer and list away.

4. ‘shipping’ that includes a handful of organza bags, pieces of bubble wrap, return address labels, packing tape and customs forms. Rather than having my shipping stuff laying all around I just pull down my bin, ship, and put it away.

5. various covered boxes for stuff I want to save but need to get back to later. I have my ‘blog box’. My ‘uglies’ box. My ‘cracked box’. A box for beads I’ve traded for but haven’t done anything with yet. Why keep separates of uglies and cracked? Because I have that big fusing project in my head that will need them some day and the cracked beads are still pretty, the uglies are just ugly and I will need to know the difference in a flash!

Lastly, I have two more bins that are a bit different. They sit on a raised shelf in my beading area and help compartmentalize a few things that I use a lot and easily could end up laying all over my work surface. Somehow a bin motivates me to shove it all away.

leather wire working tool box bin

This bin not only serves as my wire working tool rack but inside are extra pliers and a few types of craft wire that I use to string sets up. To the left of it is another bin that has other various items that I use when stringing sets…a spool of copper wire, phone wire, waxed linen and a few containers of e-beads that space the beads.

While these leather bins are a little pricey, I’ve accumulated them over the last year, a couple at a time. I think I could compartmentalize my whole life into these babies. Maybe I will.

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