More elusive beads in cool colors…

b070514a1.jpgSome of you may have already seen this bead because I posted it over on Lampwork Etc. but I’m showing it again here because I really really like it. I can’t wait until my show in August so people can actually pick them up and fondle them. Oh wait. I can take them to the cabin retreat next weekend! They’re very cool…the people at the cabin and these beads.

I made tons of different color combinations in a slider style (7mm holes) and I’m on to making more.  My inventory for the August show is growing and growing…unintentionally.  Usually I wait until at least a month before a show to start cranking it out.  No more.

Here is something I wonder…and maybe some of you might know.  If you have more inventory for a show, will you sell more?  I know that doesn’t sound like it makes sense but I wonder.  I usually sell about 2/3 of what I bring…maybe a bit more.  So, if I brought a bigger starting amount, would I still sell 2/3?

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