$500 worth of lampwork beads…

See what you can get for just over $500 from my web site? Yep, if you learn how to work it, you can get LOTS of lampwork beads. I probably should explain my pricing since I’ve never done that. And there is an art to getting the most bang for your buck.

$500+ worth of glass beads

If you’ve ever shopped my site you know that there is tiered pricing. Buy one bead and pay full retail, which is still good because I price reasonably. Buy 5 of one bead (for beads that come in sets) and get a lower price per bead and and even lower per price bead when you buy 10 of a design.

But wait! There’s more! If you reach $250 you get an automatic 10% off of your order at checkout and at $500 you get 30% off. Imagine getting the best price on 10 bead sets and then getting 30% off on top of that.

But don’t stop there! If you’re on my mailing list sometimes (this is new) you get special discount codes that will even give you more. This past newsletter offered an additional 10% off. Stick around long enough and I might just get down to giving them away if you stack enough discounts.

4 thoughts on “$500 worth of lampwork beads…

  1. lori g.

    I do now that I got that order. 🙂 That’s really about $800 something in beads…with discounts, $500 something!

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