Glitter immersion program…

Now that I’ve overcome my fear of bright colors I’m ready for the next challenge.  Glitter.  I know, that doesn’t have much to do with glass bead making but I have an aversion to glitter.  While you may think that’s not such a bad thing, it is troubling me. Everywhere I look people are glittering it up.

I flip the tv channels and craft shows are glittering.  The Crafty Chica, whose blog I read, has a book dedicated to glittery things.  Glitter.  It’s everywhere and once again, people love it and I don’t get it.

I’m seriously considering glitter immersion in some form or another.  First off, I’m looking for a ‘glitter ring’. What is that?  I don’t really know, but forcing myself to wear a ring with glitter sounds like a good first step.  Now, should I look for regular old fashioned glitter or a micro-glitter?  See…all these choices.

As with the bright colors, I am slowly transforming myself into a new and more sparkly me.  What are your aversions? Care to tackle them alongside me?

Don’t forget about the post below where I am offering up a challenge to do a new design every month or so.  There are a couple people interested…how about you?

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