Are you glass bead makers up for a challenge?

Hey glass bead makers.  Are you up for a challenge?  One that would help us to really push ourselves creatively?

If you work on new designs for each season or just new designs in general you know that coming up with them is no easy feat. Yeah, sometimes you’ll get a great idea or something comes to you but I bet it’s not as easy as that sounds.

Are you in a slump?  Do you wish you could develop your own style?  Do you want to share the process and maybe even show the world along the way?

I ask again, are you up to a challenge?  One new bead design a month for 12 months.  That’s a pretty big committment, yes?  Come on.  I know there has to be a handful of you out there that are up for it.  Depending on how many of you are out there I have some ideas.

Email me or comment here if you’re game and we can toss around ideas.  All I ask is that you be committed.

11 thoughts on “Are you glass bead makers up for a challenge?

  1. linda

    I’m always up for a challenge. To be honest, after 4 years I still find beadmaking very challenging! Heck, finding the time to work ion my beadmaking is challenging!

  2. Kerry

    I would totally be up to the challenge Lori!! I get in funks when I can’t get new ideas going. A challenge to keep the thoughts flowing would be great. Let me know details… I am in.


  3. Elaine Ray

    I just work with the poor cousin of glass – clay, but if there is a way to work clay / glaze into the challenge I’m in. If not – I’ll just watch the rest of you and run along in the side lines.

    – Elaine

  4. lori g.

    Hi Elaine.

    I will put you on the list…I think it will fit in just fine and I should expand that. I get so caught up in my own little glass world that I forget there is something else out there!

  5. Karolen

    Hi Lori!
    I’m up for the challenge, sounds like fun. Maybe once a month we can share pictures of our new designs in a thread on the LE board.

  6. Sheila Morley

    I am up for it! Sounds like a good goal!
    I just put this months in the kiln!
    (fingers crossed)
    I will put mine on my home page with a link to this. And let me know where on LE.
    Thanks Lori!

  7. Leisa Zoeller

    Id be up for it. I havent actually learnt yet how to come up with my own design. Id be fascinated to learn how – Im still doing the old standards – dots, flowers, frit, etc…

  8. Rose

    I would love to be in this challenge! I see that it has been closed already, but I’m at least getting on the waiting list…
    Just like Linda, sometimes just finding time to melt glass is a challenge for me!

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