Sunday’s comin’…

lori greenberg chunky round glass beads ebayLookie there. I put another set on eBay. Not a huge set in the numbers but big in the sizes. I love making these chunky rounds. Maybe you’d like to wear them.

It’s Good Friday and I can’t get a song out of my head…Sunday’s Comin’. It’s a blues-y song written by a guy at church (Dave Russell) and my husband plays slide guitar. That link is a rough recording from a Sunday service…believe me, it sounds better in person and it rocks.

They’re in the middle of a recording project and I remembered the link on his site to it (I hope it works)…and I hope it’s ok to put it here (he’s not here to ask) but hey, it’s on the internet, right? Want another?  Ok, I couldn’t resist.  I Surrender.  He’s playing guitar on this one too. And you hear that clap in there?  One of those sets of hands are mine. What is it about Christian music where we have to clap?

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